These pictures were processed with the free application Mill Colour (review here.) It does a quite lovely black and white for a free application. The only problem is that the filter can’t be selected, you have go into Looks and then scroll through all the filters until you find the correct choice (out of 10, so it’s not too bad.)
20110707-112322.jpgThe Barn came out very nice. There is a nice amount of contrast and the little roofed area on the left isn’t too dark.

20110707-112328.jpgThe Path came out nicely also.

20110707-112334.jpgI even like the way the portrait came out with this app, however, I think I really need to compare the results from each app to each other at some point. It’s hard to tell which looks the best when you are looking at each individually.

20110707-113015.jpgThe Sky came out nicely. There is a nice contrast between sky and clouds and the buildings aren’t too dark.