Color: Sepia

20110628-050038.jpg  20110628-111813.jpg 20110628-103809.jpg

This filter has warm blacks and nice contrast. It’s OK but seems to have blown out the highlights in all of the pictures.

Retro: Antique

20110628-050045.jpg 20110628-111823.jpg 20110628-103820.jpg

This is a very yellow filter. It really washes out the highlights. I don’t like this filter on any of these pictures.

I Heart Analog: Contessa

20110628-050052.jpg 20110628-111830.jpg 20110628-103829.jpg

This filter has nice contrast, is cooler than Sepia, and has nice soft vignette. I love this filter on the portrait. It’s very nice on the other two pictures also.