I decided that it made much more sense to compare the three different pictures for each filter rather than compare all the filters on one picture at a time. This way I can see the difference that a filter makes for a building, a scene with foliage and a portrait.

Color: Black & White
20110628-045955.jpg 20110628-111742.jpg 20110628-103721.jpg

I like this filter for the portrait and the foliage but not so much with the building. This is a softer filter which is very nice for someone’s face but I think the building should have more contrast. The building isn’t bad but it’s not very interesting either.

Retro: Ansel


20110628-103730.jpg                                                       This is much too contrasty for the portrait and I think it’s added too much contrast to the foliage picture. It’s perfect for the barn.

I Heart Analog: Silver Gelatin


This is warmer filter with some contrast. It washes out the portrait somewhat but is nice on the foliage picture and the barn.

I Heart Analog: Pinhole

20110628-050029.jpg 20110628-111805.jpg 20110628-103753.jpg

This filter has warmer blacks, good contrast, added grain and a vignette. I don’t like it on the foliage picture but, surprisingly to me, I do like it on the portrait, I think it’s the grain that helps here. I also like this filter for the building – the vignette helps with the washed out sky.