As part of an online course I’m taking – The Camera in Your Pocket – I’m exploring the different iPhone camera apps. This week’s app is CameraBag.

This is the original photograph I’ll be using to look at CameraBag’s different filters.

Infrared. According to the Nevercenter web site it’s a “simulation of the popular glowing-foliage landscape photography technique.” Kind of cool. I could see where it might have some application.

Colorcross. Mimics the darkroom technique of using the wrong chemical to develop film. It seems to have a yellow tint.

Lolo. Another toy camera type filter. It adds contrast and saturation, crops to a square and adds a frame. I’m assuming it’s mimicing the images you would get from a Lomo camera. According to iPhoneography the Lolo is “another “toy” camera that produces unexpected and striking effects including bright colors, light leakage, spontaneous vignetting, and unpredictable bursts of color.”